What We Are

Screamin' Onionz are Simply the Best Condiment for Food! 

While others are trying to blow you away with the Hottest Heat, we decided that Flavor was the most important aspect of a condiment. That's our focus.....the best Flavor with the Fewest Ingredients and No Added Sugar.

Screamin Onionz! is an amazingly versatile condiment that's Kinda Like Onionz In Hot Sauce. We take sliced onions and slow cook them in our own sauces for hours until all that onion rawness goes away and they're Packed with Flavor! (And yet they've still got a little crunch). Then we put them in jars and get them to you.

Just Peppers, Onions, Vinegar and Garlic with No Added Sugar.

Try 'em on Whatever. #OnionzOn Anything!

We have 3 versions: 

Mild - made with Sweet Peppers so there's no heat.
Medium - made with Cherry Peppers for an amazing balance of sweet and heat. 
Hot - made with Cherry Peppers plus Cayenne peppers for a slow and smoky heat that stays with your food. They're Hot but not too Hot where you can't taste your food.