We'd like to have our very first blog post be a Thank You to everyone that supports us. We would have been nowhere without you. 

Your kindness and loyalty has helped us navigate through hardship and difficulties by making us realize that we have made the right decision in starting our company and creating our very first product: Screamin' Onionz.

Y'all have made us realize that you love Screamin' Onionz because they are:

1. Packed with Flavor and Insanely Delicious

2. All Natural with No Sugar Added

3. Fast and Easy to Use

4. Easy Replacing Raw Onions in Recipes

5. Versatile, Healthy and Cross Over into mainstream diets: Paleo, Vegan, Whole30, Engine2, Vegetarian, Weight Watchers, No Sugar. No Fat, Low Carb, No Sugar, Gluten Free, Etc.  

Without you, we wouldn't have realized the possibility of our vision, versatility of its use and health benefits from this little jar of sliced onions. You have helped us look at what our future will hold as we grow and look forward where we can give back to the community through charitable giving. Our thank you will come through having the ability to help those who feel like there is no hope. 

Our future is bright. Thank you for letting us have this moment.

Kind regards, 

Alicia & Richard Romano