We use Sweet Peppers in the Mild sauce we make then slowly cook sliced onions in it until they lose their rawness and flavor soaks in. You can use them on anything.

The Onionz and Sweet Peppers cook down and get naturally sweet with no Heat. Oh yeah....No Added Sugar....Bonus!

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Sean on Apr 22nd 2020

Excellent onions good on anything


Helen on May 27th 2019

I used this to make burgers-everyone loved the way the burgers tasted. I put more on top of my hot dog and on my burger-yummy! So glad I purchased this and will do so again. :)

Excellent condiment!

Ben on May 22nd 2018

I used Screaming' Onionz! on grilled sausage subs and it was outstanding! I can't wait to try it on other grilled foods.Ben