One of each of our Screamin Onionz! Mild, Medium and Hot Onionz give you the power to choose whichever direction you want to go to add Flavor to all the foods you love.

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Mild Screamin' Onionz

Donna on Apr 17th 2020

So far we only tried the mild, it's delicious! We actually had it on hotdogs (like a chili sauce) and on a ham and cheese omelet. YUMMY! Can't wait to try the other 2 jars!


J J O on Sep 11th 2018

Hello Friends It's honestly one of the Best products that I've ever purchased. It's great to see a small American business thrive an put so much effort into marketing such an Amazing product. Keep up the good work. Yakbassn

Its Screaming!

Charlie on Apr 27th 2018

I give it 5 stars So far I have tried the medium on a Burger, avocado and egg over easy and used in a salsa concoction. Excellent product, medium is a close hot but it depends on your taste buds. The Hot is my next adventure, I plan on making a BBQ molasses sauce with a kick. Keep creating, cant say enough good things.