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How We Started

How We Got Started

Not very long ago, I lost my job when my wife was pregnant. Our son was born at 27 weeks and weighed 1 pound and 14 ounces. Needless to say he had a few tough months in NICU. As we were visiting him every day at the hospital, we decided that we needed to make a serious life change. For years I was opening and running restaurants in Manhattan. My wife said that I was always giving people their dreams so why not take a chance on ours and start the Onion idea I had thought up. 

When my son came home to us, it took a while to be somewhat acclimated to his special care. Still unemployed and financially strapped, I took the only money I had, a meager tax return, and rented a stove in the back of a restaurant. I began to work on Certifications, Licenses, Scheduled Processes, Food Lab Analysis and USDA Approvals. Shortly after I began to jar up my first batch of Screamin' Onionz. Through the summer and fall of 2014, I produced over 2500 jars by hand, worked 5 farm markets, fairs and festivals plus 21 retail stores. After hearing feedback from tens of thousands of folks, I fine tuned the Onionz, re-branded the labels and in May of 2015, I set out beyond the Millbrook, NY area. In July of 2015 we launched in our first Whole Foods Market location.

Our charitable giving goal is to provide hope to those that feel like there’s no hope, to support those who are in a seemingly impossible situation and to provide the resources to help them through. We want to donate to NICU’s in order to allow the amazing nurses and doctors to help the neediest parents by giving them access to financial assistance in paying bills, buying food, running errands, childcare, laundry, etc. Because of what our family went through, we understand what's needed and where to provide the support so families can concentrate on giving their babies the time needed to grow. 


Thank you to all of our fans and supporters for believing in us! You kept us going when times were really hard. One day we may be on your table. Thank you for letting us tell our story.

Richard and Alicia Romano                                                


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